• We make natural wines that are Juan Pablo’s interpretation in a certain year with particular climatic conditions.
  • We make delicate terroir wines of finite volumes and with an author-oriented imprint.
  • We do not use overripe grapes.
  • We ferment with native yeast.
  • We do not overuse wood; we only use it to stabilize, structure, provide texture and elegance.
  • We make wines the same way they have been made over the last century: in concrete, in amphoras, and in oak barrels.
  • We respect the typical characteristics of grape varieties, the terroir’s identity, the human work, and the time the wine requires.
  • We believe that the ultimate excellence lies in each of the details.
  • We launch to the market wines that sit in the cellar for enough time.
  • Our wines are genuine expressions of a place.
  • We aim at making wines with history and transcendence.

We make real wines for real people.